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These Stones

poems & lyrics

Scott Meredith Aycock
These Stones

About the Book

With this collection of verse and lyrics, Scott Meredith Aycock spans the distance between the sandy loam of Arkansas and the red dirt of Oklahoma. The poems and song lyrics have a definite sense of time and place and celebrate childhood, family, faith, and the human condition.

Notes from the author:

These Stones seemed an appropriate title for this collection of poems and song lyrics. In my experience the most interesting stones found me and the poems and lyrics which I write are like that as well. It’s as though I were catching them out of the corner of my eye. They start as a flicker of light and draw me in.
My poems and songs, like the stones on my shelves, are rooted to place, and yet their origins remain a mystery. Often when I write a poem, a song, I feel a connection with the past and yet, strangely grounded in the present.
Many of my songs and some of my poems are character driven and feature regular people facing the everyday challenges of life with uncommon grace. I believe that God holds all of creation in his eyes and sees the beauty in every living thing. I hope my poetry and songs reflect that belief.

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