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BLOOMING TWIG is an award-winning boutique publishing book house, now owned by THAT MATTERS, an Oklahoma City media company devoted to work that matters. Founded in New York City, Blooming Twig coined the trademarked phrase "books that matter", and has published hundreds of titles in a variety of genres, and built up a like-minded following for their authors with innovative marketing strategies.

Since 2005, at Blooming Twig, we have been building our profile as the little literary engine that could, ignoring fads and sticking with work that has depth and the power to make a difference. That work continues under the leadership of That Matters, and new partners in the nonprofit and private space are allowing our books and authors to reach more readers than ever before. 

We publish books that matter .

Award-Winning Books

14 years of independent support for authors.
300+ books published:

fiction & non-fiction.

Major international awards & countless bestsellers.

Girl with Bookshelves
Book Shepherding

We have shepherded hundreds of people through the process of becoming first-time authors. We love this work, and we are here to help you make an impact.

Ghostwriting Services

We take the pain out of writing a book. We have ghostwritten over 100 books, & our custom work honors our clients' time, ideas, and unique voice.

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