BLOOMING TWIG is an award-winning boutique publishing book house, media company, and thought leadership marketing agency. Based in New York City, we have represented and re-branded hundreds of thought leaders, published more than 400 titles in all genres, and built up a like-minded following for authors, speakers, trainers, and organizations with our bleeding-edge marketing strategies.

Blooming Twig was founded by Dr. Kent Gustavson, with the empowering notion that authorship isn’t just for the elite or the privileged. Since 2005, at Blooming Twig, we have been building our profile as the little literary engine that could, ignoring fads and sticking with work that has depth and the power to make a difference. 

We publish books that matter .

Award-Winning Books

14 years of independent support for authors.
300+ books published:

fiction & non-fiction.

Major international awards & countless bestsellers.

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Book Shepherding

We have shepherded hundreds of people through the process of becoming first-time authors. We love this work, and we are here to help you make an impact.

Ghostwriting Services

We take the pain out of writing a book. We have ghostwritten over 100 books, & our custom work honors our clients' time, ideas, and unique voice.


Dr. Kent Gustavson

Founder & CEO

Dr. Kent Gustavson is an entrepreneur, publisher, award-winning author, ghostwriter of more than 50 titles, international speaker, executive strategist, and experienced educator.


He is a social media and content expert, and his personal profiles are proof of what he preaches: they have been viewed over 100 million times.


He founded Blooming Twig in 2005, and he is also the executive director of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization COT Education (Cupertino, CA), and the owner of a successful indie record label. Kent is driven by the desire to do well by doing good, and he coaches and mentors thought leaders, startups, non-profits, and students internationally.