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Herding Ostriches

Six generations in the workplace – One flock of a problem!

Kate Sheridan
Herding Ostriches

About the Book

“If you want to survive and thrive in business today, you need to
become a generational leader. This book will help you navigate
through the generational trials and miles of generational leadership
on your way to greater understanding and success.” – Scott Friedman, CSP, Motivational Humorist

“One of the problems with change is that it usually happens before
we’re prepared. Herding Ostriches not only prepares for the changes already happening in the workforce, it gets us ahead of the curve. Kate Sheridan shares cutting-edge insights in a practical and entertaining manner. If you are in any type of leadership, you should already have read this book!
– Jonathan Peters, PhD

Hardcover ISBN: B00EURYMBC

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