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Kate Sheridan

Author of

Herding Ostriches

Generational Leadership TM is the most requested area of study by human resource personnel and by people designing their careers in leadership.

Herding Ostriches encompasses elements of emotional intelligence, behavioral styles, and leadership image. Then, it goes deeper. This book examines how generational differences play a role.

Age alone does not cause someone to be an exact fit into any generational definition given here. Of course there are also developmental factors and life experiences that mold each of us.

However, I have come to accept that patterns exist as experts say and therefore predictability must exist.

The challenge for me as a leader has been in determining which of the profile systems gives me the most accurate information. There are so many to choose from.

Our team at Herding Ostriches, which offer some great work as contributing authors, suggests that generational influence supersedes and affects the results of all of the profile systems.

With the assistance and Jonathan Peters, Ph.D, we have developed a “performance indicator” that brings the profile systems together.

I am a game-changer by nature. If you are visiting this site, you probably are as well. I have spent most of my life resisting being placed into any box or being assigned to any label. However, in my years of leading teams and of company ownership, I have come to accept that at the end of the day, I do fit into certain boxes, as do my team members.

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