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Boardroom to Base Camp

Life and Leadership Lessons from the Top: From the $2.6 Billion Dollar Sale of SuperPages to Base Camp of Mount Everest

Todd Millar
Boardroom to Base Camp

About the Book

Journey through the boardrooms of North America and trek along the Himalayas to discover the formula for brilliant leadership in Boardroom to Base Camp. After 25 years of exceptional success in the boardrooms of North America and 25 days trekking to Mount Everest base camp, Millar reveals new, powerful habits in leadership that will revolutionize your approach to work and play.

With advancing technology and the expectation of instant exchange, the world is shifting. But Boardroom to Base Camp confirms that the naked characteristics of winning leaders never change, just the way that they’re harnessed. In the book you’ll find stripped-down rules to live by and wisdom that will stick for those who are ready to understand a new way of looking at life from the top.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-613430-17-0

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