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Todd Millar

Author of

Boardroom to Base Camp

Todd Millar is marking a refreshing new era in the corporate world grounded in humility and simplicity.


In May of 2005, transformative speaker, author, and coach Todd Millar was involved in a private equity transaction that yielded a profit margin of 700 million dollars. He was barely 40, and it was one of biggest deals ever brokered in the history of Bain Capital, a powerhouse international asset management firm. This was the crowning glory of an executive career driven by steely determination and commendable ethical practices. But, right then, during the celebratory gathering for the big sale, Todd Millar decided to walk away from it all.


Millar experienced what he calls the “golden handcuffs” which represents the addictive cycle of “it’s never enough” – being tied to the endless cycle of pursuing the next big deal, no matter the costs. Millar’s current life’s work has been devoted to helping people break free from this toxicity and have fuller, healthier lives while still staying headstrong in their commitment to their ambitions. All companies have core values its employees adhere to, but how often – while scrambling up the ladder—do executives neglect their own personal core values? Success shouldn’t come at the sacrifice of our health or the demise of our personal or domestic lives.


Millar puts people back in touch and newly in line with life’s basics. His lifestyle philosophy is elemental and accessible; it combines emboldening self-belief tenets with fundamental “golden rule” ethos but it enriches this by looking at life holistically. “They’re really simple principals; it’s about maintaining a balanced life.” Millar explains. “You can have success, however you define it. You just have to make the right choices in your life to make it happen.” Millar is also an acclaimed author book of the groundbreaking bestseller Boardroom to Base Camp (Blooming Twig) that draws parallels between the life and leadership lessons learned from Millar’s role in the $2.6 billion dollar Bain Capital transaction and his life changing climb to Mount Everest Base Camp.


Millar has also penned literally a game-changing book on the problems of adult bullying, children’s safety, and overall respect in Canada’s minor hockey league called Moron – Behind The Scenes Story Of Minor Hockey (Blooming Twig).


Millar’s personal story is an inspiring tale of the guy next door who went on to have an extraordinary career. With no post-secondary degree he climbed the corporate ranks up to the high-powered executive realm because he possessed deep self-belief, unshakeable determination, powerful leadership skills, and a good-natured moral compass. However, what’s really revelatory about Millar’s story is that the truly rewarding journey began once his relentless outward success-driven one ended.

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