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Wisdom Poetry

Kykosa Kajangu
Wisdom Poetry

About the Book

“Without wisdom, life is the image of death,” says a Bemba proverb. African sages claim that wisdom is the only thing that outlives death, but it takes human beings to build it and to pass it from generation to generation. From the last two decades, Dr. Kykosa Kajangu learned wisdom both at the feet of sages and through living in the Ivory Tower; now the time has come for me to start sharing the fruits of wisdom.

• Wisdom is not like money, which you can bundle up and store away (Akan proverb).
• A man may be born to a heritage, but wisdom comes only with age (Yoruba proverb).
• A better human is one who has grown in wisdom (Zulu proverb).

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-933918-10-5

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