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Vlad the Astrophysicist

An Illustrated Book for Children, Adults, and Other Old Souls

Peter Mulvey
Vlad the Astrophysicist

About the Book

‘Are there intelligent civilizations in this universe other than ours?’

One day, folk singer, Peter Mulvey had a conversation with Vlad, and this is their story.

This is also our story  the story of the universe, and of all of us in it. Peter Mulvey has been singing this song around the country and the world, with an audience (including YouTube) into the hundreds of thousands, including a TED stage and many hallowed concert halls and clubs.

Mulvey has teamed up with iconic woodcut artist Peter Nevins in both of their first children’s book. And in one word, it’s breathtaking. A large square book, with stunningly vivid prints, this is a book that children love, and parents love more.

As an important side note, Vlad the Astrophysicist is a real person: Dr. Vladimir Chaloupka, physics professor at the University of Washington. Peter Mulvey met him at the National Youth Science Camp in Bartow, West Virginia, where he has been playing every summer for sixteen years. Vlad has written a special note in the back of this book, and has made it possible for 10% of the proceeds of the book to be given to the National Youth Science Foundation.

Over a beer, Peter really did ask Vlad, ‘Are there intelligent civilizations out there other than ours, and if so why haven t they contacted us?’

Vlad really did answer, and Peter’s whole world-view was altered in that moment.

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