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The Letter Writing Project

Wendy Wolff
The Letter Writing Project

About the Book

The Letter Writing Project is both a touching tribute and a directive guide. Wendy Wolff hopes that her readers will be moved by the letters she has written to the driver who killed her sister in a fatal car crash, her rebellious teenaged son, and to the rest of the people in her world who needed a letter of joy, sorrow, anger, or whimsy. If this book doesn’t get you started in the “ancient” practice of writing letters (again), we don’t know what will. This is a moving book that will change your life and relationships forever.


A touching description of the book from the author:

The Letter Writing Project began as a tribute to my sister, Donna, on the day that the world was remembering her and has morphed into an activity to say the things that you need to say before it is too late. Since its inception I have written letters to friends, children, husbands, teachers, cousins, neighbors and anyone I could think of. Some I mailed and some are still sitting in my “to be tossed” pile. Some letters I will never have any addresses for and yet I still wrote the letter. With most of my letters I eliminated the possibility that if tragedy should strike again in my life and I will never again be left with my thoughts festering inside of me. My sister died with me a bit out of touch with her. I can never take that back.

That helpless feeling of regret will always loom over me regarding my sister, but The Letter Writing Project has prevented me from ever having that happen again. In this book there are all kinds of letters. There are professions of love, apologies, retribution, anger, grief, remorse, joy, fulfillment, gratitude, spirituality and hatred.

This is my wish for the reader. Write your letters. Mail only the ones that you are proud of and that will help to make the world a better place. Don’t be afraid to write the letters that have anger festering deep inside your belly. Get all of those thoughts out of your cells and then rip them into tiny pieces, shredding the anger into bits until—POOF. Your burden is gone and you feel lighter. Never mail something that will drag a person down. Always have their highest intention in your heart. As world renowned author, Mike Dooley states, “thoughts become things so choose the good ones”. If something still troubles you, maybe it’s time to get some professional help with solving what is causing you such enormous grief.

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