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Shoulder Bones


Mary B. Sellers
Shoulder Bones

About the Book

These stories are worth an all-nighter and a steaming cup of tea. Shoulder Bones: Stories is a collection of short stories that dive into and out of the conscious and unconscious. Into and out of reality. A girl jumps on a trampoline and gets stuck in midair.


Debut author Sellers has a voice that is a touch of Faulkner and a dash Austen, deeply rooted in the sounds, spirit and heart of a southern childhood. This is a collection of stories that have the fantastical dimension of the original Peter Pan or Harry Potter, but the adult thematic depth of Augusten Burroughs.


Sellers writes with the freshness of youth, but out of the fear of childhood. She spills her inky blood onto the pages of this debut collection with a not-quite-sweet prose that is at once feminist and normal, vivid and average, wild-eyed and honeysuckle sweet. This collection of stories represents the best and the worst in each of us, and the fanciful, fantastic escape that the squeeze of reality can bring.

“Smart, sassy, sexy and funny: Mary B Sellers’ stories are all I love in short fiction. I urge you to buy this book, and I dare you not to love it.”

—Tom Franklin

“Mary B. Sellers writes with a playfulness that underlies the seriousness of her subject matter. Weaving reality and the dreamworld into a landscape too rarely seen in contemporary fiction, the stories in Shoulder Bones remind me of Judy Budnitz at her very best.”

–Mary Miller

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