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Re-Versing Your Pain

A Poetry Workbook for Eating Disorders (In-Versing Your Life)

Cynthia Gustavson
Re-Versing Your Pain

About the Book

From Cynthia Gustavson, celebrated poet and award-winning author of the In-Versing Your Life workbook series, comes Re-Versing Your Pain, a poetry workbook for people living with chronic emotional or physical pain. In her 20+ years as a social worker, Gustavson has worked with thousands of individuals and groups. She has interacted extensively with caregivers of the chronically ill and developmentally disabled, as well as with those afflicted with physical and mental ailments, including depression and anxiety.

This guidebook explores a holistic approach to healing, which can lead to the healthy expression of pain and a new understanding of the self for the patient. Re-Versing Your Pain is a must-have for all therapists, and it will motivate patients to express what they feel in speech and in ink. From the introduction to Re-Versing Your Pain:


“We can carry a poem in our pocket and take it out to give us motivation or courage or to help us remember where we’ve been or where we want to go.” — Cynthia Gustavson

Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-977773-67-1

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