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On the Edge

One Man’s Search for Meaning

John Graham
On the Edge

About the Book

John Graham shipped out on a freighter when he was sixteen, took part in the first (and only) ascent of Mt. McKinley’s North Wall at twenty, and hitchhiked around the world at twenty-two, covering every war he found along the way as a stringer for the Boston Globe. A Foreign Service Officer for fifteen years, he was in the middle of the revolution in Libya and the war in Vietnam.

To the young Graham, adventure was everything, and each brush with death only pushed him to up the ante—and to bury ever deeper the emotional life needed to make him whole.

Then it changed, sometimes slowly, sometimes dramatically, including during one tragic night at the height of a battle in Vietnam. Over the last quarter century, Graham has been actively involved in peace-building initiatives all over the world. He’s helped end apartheid in South Africa, avert a major strike in Canada, save what’s left of the Everglades, settle a war in the Sudan and find long-term environmental solutions in the Pacific Northwest. Over the last few years he’s been working with several international organizations to build bridges between the Muslim world and the West. His articles on current events appear in major publications and on the Internet.

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