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Oh Shift!

Jennifer Powers
Oh Shift!

About the Book

This inspirational and hilarious guidebook will teach readers how to successfully implement changes in their own lives as the world around them continues to shift.


Written in a fun, accessible style, “Oh Shift!” reveals the many life lessons that author Jennifer Powers discovered during her fifteen years of management and entrepreneurship. By combining this experience with her masterful coaching skills, Powers enables her readers to uncover their own secrets to success.


Chapters include:


* Oh Shift!
* Let’s Shoot the Shift
* Shift or Get Off the Pot
* Get Your Shift Together
* When the Shift Hits the Fan
* Scared Shiftless
* Shift Heads
* Go “F” Yourself!

Introducing changes as small as the one little letter that turns “shi#” into “shift” can make a drastic difference in anyone’s life.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-933918-48-8

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