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Stories of God Stripping Away the Chaos and the Mundane to Reveal Truth and Light Within

Sandra Kristen Moore

About the Book

My name is Sandra Moore. People may tell you that I am a loving, adoring wife, a caring mother of four, the oldest of three, a devoted daughter, a good friend, a prayerful sister in Christ, and a child of God. But I am actually far from the perfect picture these words paint. In the past I have worked hard to maintain this lovable image to all, at the cost of my relationship with God. But now, my relationship with the Lord has become intrinsic to who I am. I write so you can see that I am really an unfaithful wife, a crazed and frustrated mother of four, the most prideful of three, a disrespectful daughter, a forgetful friend, a judgmental sister in Christ, but still a child of God. Maybe you can relate to one, two, or all of these. Maybe you can’t relate to any of them, but have the same deep desire as I did, to find out how to quench that yearning for something more that burns inside of you. This book has tales of all of that.

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