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Live Like a Millionaire on $17,000 a Year

Lewis Harrison
Live Like a Millionaire on $17,000 a Year

About the Book

Lewis Harrison’s book shares the knowledge he has used to live like a millionaire on a middle class, working person’s cash income. He combined his street smarts, common sense, father’s entrepreneurial influence, quality mentoring and coaching from his wealthy friends, and his own intuitions. Through the synergy of these various factors Lewis realized that he had found the Holy Grail, the secret code to living well. Lewis Harrison organized his understanding of this secret code into a written text known as the Harrison Process for Self Actualization, which covers a lot of territory: wisdom, relationships, peak performance, wealth, and more. It also, for the first time, addressed the issue of living like a millionaire without cash. Live Like a Millionaire is constructed of principles from The Harrison Process, and is designed to help you live like a millionaire on $17,000 a year.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-933918-38-9

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