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Light, Love, Life, Shalom

Your Path to Happiness at Work and at Home

Steven Steinberg
Light, Love, Life, Shalom

About the Book

In Light, Love, Life, Shalom, Dr. Steven Steinberg guides his readers out of darkness and illuminates for them the proper path to inner peace on earth. He began writing this book nearly two decades ago, when he first started asking himself the question, “How can people achieve happiness in the presence of life’s challenges?” As his body succumbed to Parkinson’s disease, the challenge that life presented to Dr. Steinberg, the answer slowly revealed itself to him: light, love, life, and shalom. The healing power of these four Jewish values assuaged Dr. Steinberg’s suffering, and by applying these spiritual values to his secular life, he was able to achieve the joy he had been seeking. This book will show readers of all faiths or no faith just how he did that—and how they can do that too.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-933918-57-0

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