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Katie’s Critters

Melanie Gall
Katie’s Critters

About the Book

Katie’s Critters, a full color children’s fiction book beautifully illustrated by Kristina Tosic, tells the tale of six animals that lived at the eponymous rescue center run by the Culkin family in Long Island, NY.

The book features a rat, a tropical bird, and a hamster. While they lived at the Katie’s Critters rescue center, these animals spent their days in clean, spacious cages and were kept company by the rest of their tiny animal friends and the people who took care of them. But they couldn’t stay at the rescue center forever. Children and their families visited the rescue center, where the Culkin family also lives, and one by one, each of these animals found a new home – a home where it could live forever.

Young readers will love this heartwarming account of the lives of these rescued animals, but the book will surely appeal to pet owners of any age.

Written by Melanie Gall with Lauren Culkin and Katie Culkin.

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-933918-97-6

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