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Radivoj Sajtinac

Author of

Victims of the Biedermeier

Radivoj Šajtinac is one of the most well known, award-winning Serbian authors featured in our SMiLe Series. In addition to his translated book, Victims of the Biedermeier, he writes poetry, fiction, and literary and art criticism. He also translates Russian and English, and is an example of one of Serbia’s finest contemporary authors.

Born in 1949, Šajtinac grew up in Zrenjanin. He then moved on to study General Literature and Literature Theory in Belgrade. Currently, he is an active member of the Serbian Literary Society and the Society of Writers Vojvodine. His first book was published in 1970, and he has had 25 more published since that year. He writes characters of depth that are a result of his analysis and accurate portrayal of human behaviors.

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Radivoj Sajtinac

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Radivoj Sajtinac

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