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Mica Vujicic

Author of

Tackling Foul

Mica Vujicic (May 17, 1979, wet conditions, Vojvodina), published newspaper articles, literary reviews, and fiction chronicle education: elementary school, “Your Stajić” Mokrin; School “Dusan Vasilyev” Kikinda (Department of Mathematics); graduated Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature (World Literature) at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade 1998-2004. The journalist rural Mokrin list of newspapers in 1999.


The reporter and columnist for the weekly newspaper Kikindske from in 1999. regular contributor to the literary journal North bunker 2001-2002. co Bunker radio show (Radio Kikinda) with writer Srdjan V. TEŠIN 2002nd year of a computer science professor Emil Hofgezangom creator and project editor of the first virtual village 2004-2005. columnist and interviewer Dnevnik from Novi Sad 2004-2007. A columnist for the daily newspaper Danas 2004-2005. Correspondent Croatian art site since 2004.


The journalist with monthly YellowCab 2005-2008. Correspondent Split weekly Feral Tribune 2006th The scholarship fund Borislav Pekić (support for the book in the making 2007-2008. journalist with the magazine cut 2007-2009 2011th – a member of the jury for the award Djura Đukanov since 2007. till 2010. literary critic and journalist Policy since 2007. Editorial member of the literary magazine Ticket (Zrenjanin) since 2008. Until 2009. Associate Playboy 2008,2009, 2011. Juror Vecernje news for the award Mesa Selimovic since 2009. columnist for the daily newspaper Blic (Annex Books) since 2009. till 2010.


Associate Sarajevo daily Liberation from 2010. interviewer and critic weekly NIN since 2011. Fellow of the weekly “News” since 2011. juror award NIN award for best novel out the of marta 2010. publishing house by the pillars of culture author of the novel “sharp start” (Pillars of Culture) January 2012. Label “Geopoetika” published the novel “A sharp start” (“Tackling Foul”) in the English language edition of the “Serbian Prose in Translation” from 6 to 9 July 2012. participant of the “Visi ing Museumsquartier” in Vienna from February 2013th External Associate “Politika ZABAVNIK” + fiction published in literary magazines: Fields (Novi Sad), Ticket (Zrenjanin), Sent (Novi Pazar), Phantom of Liberty (Zagreb), urban shamans (Knin), the Charter (Kraljevo), North bunker (Kikinda) literary magazine (Belgrade), weekly NIN, Politika Zabavnik .

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Mica Vujicic

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Mica Vujicic

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