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Laird Smay

Author of

Selling the First Oyster

Laird has over 30 years sales experience in communications, collaboration and technology solutions selling. Laird has served as an individual contributor, Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and President for a wide range of technology companies including two he co-founded. As an entrepreneur, Laird has dealt first hand with the unique challenges of bringing new and innovative solutions to market and he brings his “real world” experience into the workshops he conducts.

In his book “Selling The First Oyster, From Selling Technology to Selling Transformation”, Laird highlights why selling transformational solutions such as Unified Communications, Collaboration and Cloud Computing is different than selling non-transformational technologies. He also provides valuable insight into how to overcome the technical and non-technical risk of change, how to quantify the impact of change and how to engage in a transformational conversation with business decision makers.

Laird has lead over 200 workshops centered on Unified Communications, Collaboration, TelePresence and Data Center Virtualization in over 23 countries.

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