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James R. Landrum

Author of

Rise of the Dunamy

James R. “Beau” Landrum works as a video production manager for a court reporting firm in Birmingham, Alabama, and lives in a small suburb of Birmingham with his wife, Delilah, and their two children. Rise of the Dunamy, his first novel, is the first installment of his Dunamy Series. Beau’s interest in the world of fantasy fiction began with Greek mythology at an early age and carried on through adulthood. He says, “The most intriguing stories for me have always been the ones that make fantasy seem obtainable in reality; a trait I hopes to carry into my own writing.” The idea of the Dunamy came to Beau while watching television in 2008. A show that illustrated the amount of gang violence around the U.S. caused him to question how to keep his soon-to-be-born daughter safe in a world filled with such violence. In the days and weeks that followed, the story of the Dunamy began to unfold; and in the years that followed, the first portion of the story was written, centering around the character of a young, strong female protagonist. Stay tuned for the next installments in the Dunamy Series

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