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Eve Meceda

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Dr. Eve Meceda is a research psychologist, author, consultant, and award-winning speaker.

After obtaining her Ph.D. in Social Psychology, she spent many years working with several leading research and consulting firms, partnering with Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations on issues such as leadership development, performance management, employee engagement, and the attraction and retention of high-potential employees.

Dr. Meceda is a recipient of the Vistage International “Speaker of the Year” award, and her work with clients has taken her to virtually every corner of the world. In the course of delivering more than 1,200 speaking engagements over the years, she has had the privilege of working with organizations in 18 countries (and counting) on six continents. She is still trying to figure out how to arrange a session in Antarctica to make it a clean sweep of all seven.

When she’s not on the road working with clients, Dr. Meceda lives and works in the beautiful Denver, Colorado area.

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