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Dejan Stojiljković

Author of

Constantine’s Crossing

Dejan Stojiljković was born and raised in Nis, Serbia, a small town that is best known as the birthplace of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great.

Perhaps using that historical backdrop as an inspiration in his own works, Stojiljković is one of the most popular and widely-read authors in Serbia. His The Omen of Angels was hugely successful in 2013, a riveting biographical novel about Constantine. That was just the latest in a long line of releases which won prestigious literary awards and critical accolades all over Europe.

One of those earlier novels, Constantine’s Crossing, was originally released in Serbia in 2009, and has now been translated to English for the first time. Published by Blooming Twig Books, it was nominated for two international book awards: Balkania and IMPAK Dublin. Again using his hometown as the setting, this time at the height of World War II, Constantine’s Crossing focuses less on blood and death, and more on individual responsibility during war and what causes evil in man. The words flow easily and somehow takes the reader to a dark, dreary, war-torn town, yet makes the reader want to stay.


In addition to his traditional novels, Stojiljković has also written several comic scripts and a collection of essays on comics. His writing style spills from fantasy to horror and everywhere in between, delighting readers in English, Russian, Macedonian, Greek, and his native Serbian.

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Dejan Stojiljković

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Dejan Stojiljković

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