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C. Diana Donald

Author of

The Blue, Blue Sky

Diana Donald is a psychotherapist, mother, grandmother, and author. It has always been her greatest wish to reach the hearts of young children: to allow them to believe in themselves, and to reassure them that they are not alone in the world.

In her studies, she learned that people are stitched together by emotional childhood experiences and begin to live on a continuum of those experiences. When she had her family of two boys and two girls, she began to understand the immensity of what life could teach her.

She went back to university at the age of 54, and started a whole new life. Most people looked in askance. But what made the difference was the love she had in her heart for what she saw in the hearts of her children. Diana says it’s all about how unique we truly are and what we carry around within.

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C. Diana Donald

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