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Norman Ober

Author of

Anita’s Heaven

Norman began work at twelve in Boston, delivering Sunday papers by bike, writing for “The Latin School Register,” and acting in school productions. Later he began directing and acting in stage plays, portraying mostly villains, with a group of adult actors who adapted popular plays and books for presentation on WEEI, Boston.

After moving to New York City, his first professional job was puppeteer-actor-writer with a road show. When he met Anita, love at first sight prompted him to give up marionettes for Manhattan to be near Anita. Having learned to speak in dialects and change his voice for marionette characters, he brought the knack to network radio and hung on until World War II, when he entered the Navy and married Anita. Three years later, the birth throes of television, where every voice had to come from a different face, turned him from acting to writing network radio dramas and magazine fiction and articles.

His first postwar job was writing broadcast promotion at WCBS Radio. He moved up the ladder in twenty five years at CBS, and then held executive positions with Polygram, Olympus Camera and other organizations. Meet the Obers and open your heart to their channeled letters. See what they reveal about the ultimate ’final” destination of all beings who end their lives on the worlds they inhabit.

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