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Wisdom Poetry

Dr. Kykosa Kajangu is an African wisdom keeper from the Bashi people and a scholar of indigenous wisdom traditions. His lifelong quest is to put the study of indigenous African wisdom traditions on its feet. To this end, he traveled on the superhighway of African wisdom learning at the feet of sages in various centers of wisdom. Furthermore, he trained at the University of California System (Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSB) and received his Ph.D. from UCSB in Religious Studies.

Kajangu’s main goal is to develop innovative approaches that simplify complex African modes of thought and being so that wisdom seekers may gain insights from African wisdom traditions in their journey to enlightenment. His new book, Wisdom Poetry, the first of its kind, offers an integral approach to wisdom traditions by weaving proverbs into poems. This work embodies and displays the rhythms of the “talking drum from beyond” (wise sayings of the ancestors) and the “dances of the world” (quest for knowledge on earth), which invite wisdom seekers to dance their lives.

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  • Wisdom Poetry

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